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July 05, 2009



very happy for her but if I hear one more of these stories I am gonna throw up. I don't need romance to save me.


I don't think romance "saved her" per se.It was just going from one extreme to the other...that I was trying to process the change in her!

my personal rant to follow:
Just because you find someone to marry doesn't mean anything.Its not the grand finale of dating...its a whole other process in of its self.

I've been married 12 years and knowing the divorce rate is 50% is not comforting in any way...

I hate endings like they got married and live happily ever after! aaargh

But it doesnt seem as interesting to say they lived in harmony and worked and slept and ate till they died....

Well I gotta go make tuna cassarole tonite ..hubby requested it.zzzzzzzz snore gargle!zzzzzzzzzzz

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